1 General Information


This website is owned by and represents Dr Killian Bates trading as Bath Avenue Medical Centre (referred to as BAMC hereafter) he is responsible for the content of this site. Unless stated otherwise, this Privacy Statement applies only to this website controlled by BAMC. For the purposes of the EU2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the person who is ultimately responsible for the control of your information while using our services is Dr Killian Bates

2 BAMC Privacy Statement


BAMC use any personal information collected from this website in accordance with applicable Irish and European Data Protection legislation and is run in accordance with Medical Council guidelines. BAMC has taken appropriate measures to keep secure any personal information given by users of this site

3 What information do we collect and why?


The information collected on this site includes:

  • 3.1 Users' IP address, which is automatically logged by our SquareSpace web server, by Google Analytics and by our SimplyBook.it online booking system, should you use it. IP addresses are used to observe users' interest in this website (number of visits, etc). Such data may be held anonymously (individual IP addresses removed) for up to 38 months for comparison purposes.
  • 3.2 Cookies are very small text files saved to your computer used to track user navigation around a website. At www.bathavenuemedicalcentre.ie cookies may be used to store information on which areas have been seen by a user. They are not cross-referenced with any other information such that an individual person could be identified.
  • · 3.3 E-mail addresses and/or other contact details which users voluntarily provide in order to: a) receive information from www.bathavenuemedicalcentre.ie b) register for personalised information,  BAMC will not disclose voluntarily provided details to third parties or use the information in any other way without prior consent unless we are legally required to do so. On all pages where personal data is collected, specific details on the use of this information will be provided. Any information submitted via the Contact Us and Booking forms is transmitted to the BAMC administrative staff by email and by them to our medical staff where required. This will not be retained or passed to any outside party without your permission. We would ask website visitors not to send sensitive personal information via the site as this will be requested directly by our staff where required. If your request  is of an urgent or clinical nature please telephone the office.

4 Your Rights                                         

You have the right to access your information held by BAMC and where necessary, to have it amended or deleted. You can also request not to receive marketing information from BAMC.

Should we become aware that  information under our control has been compromised we shall inform the relevant authorities within 72 hours where required and should this breach involve your personal information BAMC will inform you directly as soon as possible.

Should you have any queries about the information on the website or the data we hold about you please write to : The Data Controller, Bath Avenue Medical Centre, 4 Bath Avenue, D04 V8N8 or email us via the Contact Us form on the website.



5 Links to Other Websites
                                                         This website contains links to other sites that are completely unrelated to BAMC. This privacy statement                                                             does not apply to these sites nor are we responsible for the content and practices of these websites.