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What is a 5 in 5 Health Check?

A 5 in 5 Health Check consists of five tests, each explained in detail below, that have been put together in one package to provide you with a detailed ‘snap shot’ of your  health. We can help further if you have questions related to the Health Check or talk to the Doctor if you need further information about what you can do next.

Five Results

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) This is the ratio of your height and weight. This number is most healthy if it lies between 20 and 25. In practice, most people lie between 20 and 30. A higher BMI number may increase the likelihood of certain conditions such as diabetes or ischaemic heart disease. 

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure (BP) is important for assessing our risk of certain conditions, including Heart Attack (Ischaemic Heart Disease), and certain types of Stroke (Cerebrovascular Disease). Ideally, BP should
fall below 140/90 mmHg. 

Heart Rhythm

Heart Rhythm is normally regular. When it is not, a Heart Rhythm like Atrial Fibrillation (A.Fib) increases the likelihood of suffering a Stroke. Many people with A.Fib do not know that they have it. Knowing about A.Fib allows correct treatment to reduce or prevent the risk of suffering a Stroke (CVA).

Sugar Level

Blood Glucose (Sugar Level) is normally tightly controlled in our body. A high level of Blood Sugar might be a sign of Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes). Blood Sugar Levels are normally kept within a range of 4 to 9 mmol/L. When blood sugar levels are higher, a blood test before breakfast (Fasting Blood
Glucose) can help to check the risk of Diabetes.

Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol is very important. We need some Cholesterol in what we eat to remain healthy. Too much Cholesterol in our body system can create a risk of Heart Attack (Ischaemic Heart Disease). If your Cholesterol is high, a calculation called QRISK might help to decide whether lowering your Cholesterol may reduce your risk of having a Heart Attack.